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IFRC Park "Avant Project"

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

The proposed IFRC Streetfront with the vegetated planters and paving

We present here the next milestone of the IFRC park project – another wave of effort by the team. As always, merged with the stream of ideas, responses and feedback given by all concerned parties.

It integrates the values of the Red Cross into its spatial design, mapping the civic sense and human responsiveness of the organization onto the ethos of the park. It emphasises its ecological concerns further and underlines its connectivity with neighbours and a shared sense of security for all.

The upper garden meadow

Walking towards the Chalet after entering the garden from the historical gate

The sense of neighbourliness spreads out in concentric circles from the co-worker, the neighbour and the visitor from the city, elsewhere in the region and the rest of the world. Their presence and movements are anticipated already. Little and large gestures are at play; from inviting signs to more accessible entrances, from ensuring biodiversity in the forest to opening up the promenade as a connector of institutions and a shared history.

Humans and non-humans, flora and fauna are all considered within the framework. It is as if the spirit of participation exuded through the space as it did the process, and somehow made everyone sensitive to all presences, beyond species and categories.

View of the terrace as it gently slopes to meet the forest

View of the community alley

While the space of the park has existed and was used for a long time, it gets recognized and is made explicit through the process. This plan is but an outcome of the process, an expression of collective desire.

This presentation walks you through the soft and hard terrains that make up the precinct of the park, the various connections of the park to the IFRC building and the little touches on the building itself that connect with the logic of the park.

The topmost level of the forest with views of the restored Gloriette and terrace

A cat overlooks the basins and some strollers in the heart of the forest.

Clear signage to indicate the IFRC forest zone

Children playing in the winter forest

As it does this, it invites more responses while continuing to sculpt a concrete structure from the ongoing feedback. Please read, respond, analyse and critique. This milestone is an outcome of all the previous sessions of precisely those gestures.

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