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Behind the Scenes: Conversations with a Concerned Citizen

This short interview gives us a glimpse of the organization, concerns and hard work that goes behind the scenes in creating the vibrant public life that Geneva has. These are useful to keep in mind for the proposed IFRC park too, that will depend on similar energies and initiatives. In the video, Alain Clerc, President de l’AHPTSG tells us about the association of the residents of Petit-Saconnex and how it has been working with the IFRC in animating the chalet in the park by acting as a nodal point for other residents from the neighbourhood. He shares how concerns about the gap between intention and action lead him to work with younger people who took on the challenge of animating the space under the aegis of the “ Collectif du Palais Feral” for a season. They organized small events from concerts to poetry recitals and did an amazing job. Like all voluntary, civic-minded work, looking for material support and financial resources is of course, the ultimate challenge and that is something his association is working hard towards. As the new contours of the park take shape, an important point that he seems to suggest is, involve the young as much as possible!

Interview Alain Clerc, President of the AHPTSG association

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