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Shared vision and Value Propositions

This video presents some key findings and points on the ongoing participatory landscape project. It focuses on the shared vision and the values which emerged from its participatory approach. It summarises the points discussed in workshops that involved a host of people, from members of the IFRC to residents of the neighbourhood. These were presented in the exhibition showcased in the video. It emphasizes the on-going, open-ended nature of the process and invites all participants to re-evaluate the summary and even edit and correct it during the exhibition This process can continue on the blog post here through the comments below! The following value propositions are explained in the video: The proposition that the park is an IFRC park, a Red Cross park that is open to the public. Thus it is both a historical reminder of the Red Cross's presence in the neighbourhood and a space that is shared with the city's public. Secondly, it represents an autonomous space giving its users ample freedom of use in the park. It reminds us that its users are humans as well as other species, including flora which have become a part of its terrain over time. Thirdly, it represents diversity in every form which needs to be valued. Thus the park itself has many forms - of the wild forest, a domesticated park and a streetfront - all of which are valued faces of the space. Fourthly, this value of diversity provides the right ambience to make it a safe space for different groups and marginal communities where they all feel secure, no matter their difference. The other values explained are that of Peaceful Wilderness ("This one was inspired by the fact that a lot of people who know a little about the forest, say they actually like this wild side.") and The Common Ground (that which is shared by all), and finally the value of Fruits Allowed - which emerges from the shared value and extends it into the space of functional sharing of the material output of the park - including its produce. The video thus summarises the essence of the outputs of the workshops and discussions through the exhibition and presents it for further review and refinement.

A presentation by Matias Echanove, urbz Collective

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