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The Red Cross Promenade

In this video Matias Echanove from urbz explains the proposed promenade to connect the IFRC and the ICRC, two historic city institutions that are vital organs of the global Red Cross movement.

The promenade is planned to be both a functional and aesthetic experience. The proposal emerged through the dialogues that are part of the ongoing participatory process and included landscape architects and urban planners. They pointed out how green walkaways and connected parks have been part of the city's civic character and encouraged the project to embrace such a move.

Within the history of institutions, those that emerged through the Red Cross movement have a very special quality - they are united by a common humanitarian goal and shared values while at the same time being organizationally diverse and multi-structured.

What better way to represent this connected diversity than through the physical link that a public promenade evokes?

The Red Cross Promenade

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