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View from the Staff

It is not easy for a fully functioning organization to spare time to give inputs to an ongoing exercise that involves a spatial makeover of a part of their office. The urbz team is grateful to all the members who gave generous time to share their ideas and thoughts for this exercise.

In this video we provide a small glimpse of the kaleidoscope of suggestions made. From practical to the wishful, these ideas are an excellent example of why such an exercise is important. It reveals the enormous empathy people have for a project and with the points of view of each other.

From a simple hammock, to setting up of benches and chairs in the garden, from a statue to a commemoration of those who the organization lost in service, from a place of cultural exchange to providing a public amenity to the community and neighbourhood at large - the ideas testify the point made in the video, that the moment a space comes to exist - is made visible through a project like this - it becomes real, and full of possibilities. And possibilities make the space come alive through the small and big ideas that participants give.

In the longer list of suggestions, not all of which are there in this video, we see how many complemented those made by non IFRC neighbours. In several of their ideas there was a strong desire to keep in mind the concerns of the larger community.

This is what makes for a collective exercise such as this to become successful when it becomes a reality on the ground. A big thank you to all the members who spared their time and shared their thoughts in a variety of ways.

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